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Share your music interest with new friends from various cultures.

We believe that music unites. That’s why we now start Musikkompis together with the mobile company 3 . With Musikkompis, we give people a chance to meet through music. Play instruments together, go to concerts or talk music over a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an amateur - we want to make it easier for all people who likes music, to meet other music enthusiasts with different background, experiences and cultures.

Here you can see some music friends and their music meetings

Bahar Hasko, a Kurdish English teacher, was born in Kamishlo in Syria. Today, she lives and studies in Sweden. Bahar and Eva Dahlgren met one day and talked about music as a way to communicate and learn languages. At the end of the day, Bahar surprised Eva with a children's orchestra who played Eva's classic "Vem tänder stjärnorna".

Naim Kassis, a 45-year-old pianist from Aleppo in Syria, came to Sweden a year ago and ended up in an asylum accommodation in northern Sweden, where he has given numerous concerts. On a cold winter day, he met Sabina Ddumba, and together they played a version of Sabina's hit single "Not too young", which attracted the whole accommodation to take part in the meeting.

Filipe Minhava is a 19-year-old guitarist from Portugal who has lived in Sweden for three months at a friends place in Högdalen. Filipe and Little Jinder met in Stockholm and got to know each other during a day where they visited a flea market, checked on LPs and ate at a restaurant, before they rounded off with the classic hit ”La Bamba” at a karaoke bar.