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About Kompisbyrån

Kompisbyrån is a non-profit organization who connects new and established Swedes based on similar interests. Kompisbyrån was founded in 2014 by Emma Hammar and Cecilia Holmgren with a vision to increase the spirit of community in the society, by simplifying the conditions for more meetings in the everyday life between people of different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. The aim is to speak Swedish during a one-hour “fika”. That is what we call a “friend fika” (“kompisfika”).

If we facilitate enough amount of meetings, new Swedes get better knowledge of Swedish, broaden their social networks and improve their job opportunities. More everyday meetings also lead to a greater understanding of each other as human beings, and enrich our lives. To name a fraction.

Kompisbyrån operates in 10 cities in Sweden: Göteborg, Jönköping, Kalmar, Linköping, Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås and Örebro; and these municipalities: Danderyd, Nacka, Solna and Tyresö.

"Many Swedes associate a “fika” with something relaxed and fun, and is often perceived as central in the Swedish culture. That’s why we think it fits so well to meet and practice Swedish over just a fika.” - Emma Hammar and Cecilia Holmgren, Founders of Kompisbyrån

Vi som jobbar med Kompisbyrån

We are Kompisbyrån

Office (in alphabetical order)
Dalia Yassin, programansvarig,
Emma Hammar, grundare och verksamhetschef,
Miriam Ghebressilasie, matchningsansvarig,
Clara Wäppling, projektledare (on parental leave)

Jörgen Bergqvist, ordförande
Emma Hammar, vice ordförande
Emilia Molin, ledamot
Olle Hammar, suppleant
Madelene Lindberg, revisor
Noa Bachner, valberedning

Jon Gotlin, IT-ansvarig

Robert Thörnqvist, Kompisledare Göteborg
Jens Östgaard, Kompisledare Göteborg
Helena Wannberg, Kompisledare Örebro
Sofia Winroth, Kompisledare Örebro
Nienke Bakker, Kompisledare Kalmar

Heydar Sheykhali, ambassadör matchning
Jennifer Silander, ambassadör matchning
Alexander Unge, ambassadör matchning
Paulina Franklin, ambassadör matchning
Caroline Uggla, grafisk formgivning

Elisabeth Rimér-Asplund, eventansvarig Stockholm, (tillfälligt uppehåll)
Olivia Wideroth, teamledare eventansvariga Stockholm
Sidney Pereira Da Silva, eventansvarig Stockholm Susanna Bjerke, eventansvarig Örebro

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