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General terms

Kompisbyrån mediates the first contact between new Swedes and established Swedes.

  • Our idea is to give you the possibility to meet several new persons with another background than yours, in order for you to broaden your social network.
  • Kompisbyrån connects two new fika friends, mainly based on similar interests and new start friends based on the municipality they both live in.
  • As a Fika friend, you must be able to meet your new friend in 1 of 10 cities: Göteborg, Jönköping, Kalmar, Linköping, Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås or Örebro. We hope that we can connect new people in more cities in the future.
  • Kompisbyrån is only responsible for linking together people who have lived in Sweden for a short time with people who have lived in Sweden for a long time.
  • The starting point is that you meet the same person 1 time. If you think it is fun, you can meet again by your own. If you want to meet a new person, you sign in and make a new request.
  • Everyone over 18 years (of age) can participate.
  • The registration is free of charge. Any costs for refreshments/"fika" or other expenses related to the meeting must be paid by each person.
  • Kompisbyrån recommends that you meet for about 1 hour at a public place in the central part of that city that you have chosen.
  • Our ambition is to find a new friend for you within 30 days. That means that you may have to wait.
  • We confirm that we have received your application, by sending an e-mail to you.
  • Remember to respect each other. A cancellation will affect the other person who has been looking forward to a meeting. Think twice before you sign up, to ensure that you really want to join us!
  • It is the main responsibility of the established Swede that you get in contact with each other within 7 days. We recommend that you exchange telephone numbers to easier get in contact with each other.
  • You need to treat each other in a respectful manner. Remember to be clear in you communication with each other, as language differences can create misunderstandings.
  • You share Kompispbyrån's belief in the equality of all human beings, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • Kompisbyrån cannot guarantee that we will find a good match for you, but we will always do our best.
  • We wish to constantly improve our work. Therefore, we will contact you after your meeting to follow up.
  • Additional terms if you apply to meet new friends with Kompisbyrån in Danderyd: Kompisbyrån Danderyd is being realized in cooperation with the municipality of Danderyd and the non-profit organization “Alla Tillsammans i Danderyd”. By accepting the terms and conditions for Kompisbyrån you also confirm that personnel from the municipality of Danderyd and members from “Alla Tillsammans i Danderyd” are allowed to contact you through e-mail or by phone with information related to your application.
  • Privacy policy

    Kompisbyrån (802492-6050) is responsible for the personal data you provide with us.

    Kompisbyrån uses your personal data for the following purposes:

    1. Kompisbyrån uses the personal data you have provided to match you up with another user. This includes introducing the newly matched friends to one another by name.
    2. We might also contact you with invitations to Kompisbyrån's activities or with special offers from Kompisbyrån.
    3. The information is also being used to answer questions, operate and improve our web site and programs.
    4. Your personal data might be shared with other actors if that is a necessity for Kompisbyrån to qualify for support or grants. This may apply to public bodies or private companies that sponsor our organization. These other actors do not have permission to use your personal data for marketing purposes or anything besides making sure our work meets their requirements.
    5. In addition to this, Kompisbyrån must pass on your information if this is stated by law.
  • Kompisbyrån's handling of personal data is based on consent. When you provide your personal data by signing up with Kompisbyrån you give us permission to use your personal data. You can at any time withdraw your consent, we will then delete all your personal data that we have stored. You can choose if you want us to remove all your personal data or just some of the data.
  • Your personal data will not be transferred to third country (a country outside of EU/ESS).
  • If you want to remove your account, please send an e-mail to:
  • In addition to getting your personal data deleted upon asking, you also have the right to get your personal data corrected, demand that the processing of your personal data is restricted and get an excerpt of all your personal data that Kompisbyrån has saved. You also have the right to object to a processing of a certain kind. If you want any of this, please contact:
  • Kompisbyrån will help you out if you want your personal data moved to another service. This is called data portability and a request like this should be sent to:
  • Datainspektionen is the supervisory authority for the personal data processing and if you feel there is an incorrect treatment, you are entitled to lodge complaints with them. You can find more information about this here.
  • Kompisbyrån stores your personal data until you choose to remove it or when your account has been inactive for 36 months.

Thank you for accepting Kompisbyrån's terms!